Gourmand & Gourmet: Meatball Co.

Move over cronut, there’s a new food fad in town.

The warmer weather has hit Brisbane and what better way to ring it in than with a ball? A meatball that is! Opening this Sunday at the newly revamped The Fox Hotel, is the Meatball Co.

The meatball is a universally loved delight. There’s no wrong or right way to do them because every culture has their own recipe. The Swedish and Polish serve theirs with potatoes; the Germans and Vietnamese add theirs to broth and the Bulgarians and countries in the Middle East eat theirs au naturel.

In recent years the meatball has gained popularity for its simplicity to make, ease of consumption and its “slightly more than a cup of coffee” price tag. Foodie hot spots have tapped into the resurgence of this beloved dish with restaurants and food trucks popping up everywhere from New York to London.

And finally it’s Brisbane’s turn. Thanks to our friends at the Fox.

They’re rectifying the bad reputation IKEA has given these juicy balls of meat with a great selection made with high quality produce. Patron’s can choose from beef, pork, chicken and lamb. But fear not those of you who are not so hung up on the meat part of meatball, they’ve also included a seafood and vegetarian option.

If you’re not up for trying their ‘balls but still want to be seen at one of the hottest new places in town, there are plenty of other options. For those who like the finer things in life, there’s a charcuterie board with house made pickles as well as a cheese platter. They also have a delectable range of salads under their rabbit food menu.

And if you weren’t already spoilt for choice, the team at Meatball Co. have given a childhood favourite – the ice cream sandwich – a meaty makeover. What better way to ring in spring than with a chocolate hazelnut or strawberries and cream ice cream sandwich?

Here at the G&G, we couldn’t be more excited that The Fox’s den is nearing the end of its makeover and we can’t wait to sink our teeth into their juicy meatballs.

Written by myself on behalf of the G&G.
Original article can be found here


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