The perks of being single on Valentine’s Day

When the notion of being single on Valentine’s Day comes to the forefront of your mind, first you cringe, then you think of spending the day on the couch or in bed, watching a rom-com while simultaneously nursing a bottle of red wine and shuttling a spoon between your mouth and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s.

Being single isn’t always easy, especially on February 14th, but what better day to appreciate you and the fabulously uncomplicated single life that you seamlessly live than on the card industry’s day of love? Because believe it or not, there are some pretty awesome perks to flying solo on VDay.


You can do whatever the hell you want and no one can judge you for it

Whether that’s spending the whole day in bed binge watching your favourite TV show and rom-com movies, downing a few bottles of wine/your weight in chocolate, or ogling at pics of Ryan Gosling, no one (except maybe your furry friend) will judge you for it. And an added bonus – those hours of binge watching are completely uninterrupted!


It’s a lot easier to cook for one than it is for two

As depressing as that may sound, it’s so much more enjoyable cooking when you don’t have to worry about everyone else’s dietary requirements or what they’ll think of it. You can make whatever you want and if you make too much, well that’s just leftovers for the next day. And we all know that most meals taste better the day after anyways.

Plus what meal would be complete without dessert? While your non-single friends are wrestling over which “dessert for two” they’re going to split with their S.O., you could be devouring whichever single-serve dessert your heart desires. Nutella mug cake for one? Yes please!


Solo dance party – ‘nuff said

No one understands the emotions you’re going through quite like your favourite artists, so create a playlist of all your faves (Taylor Swift is a non-negotiable on this day), crank it up and dance like no one’s watching! Plus dancing has been scientifically proven to have a wide range of physical and mental health benefits.


Celebrate Galentine’s Day with your BGFs

Get your best gal-pals together (the fellow singletons and the consciously coupled) and have a mid-morning brunch feast at your favourite café, a group dinner at the hottest place in town or go check out that new strategically-released rom-com you’ve all been dying to see. The day’s about love, and what better way to start it than with the ones you hold nearest and dearest to you?


It’s a guilt-free excuse to treat yo’ self (but who really needs one?)

Splurge on that luxe brand of chocolate, that more expensive tub of ice cream or bottle of vino you’ve been telling yourself is way out of your budget. Some of your friends are being showered with gifts today and dammit, you deserve that too! So go ahead and…


No need to get all dolled up (read: an excuse not to shave your legs)

We all know how much effort it takes to get ready for a night out. Between the grooming, hair and makeup doing, and the time-consuming outfit selection process, it seems like such a hassle for one night. Especially if your date is with that guy on Tinder who you’ve been questioning whether or not you’re even remotely a match for each other.

Yeah, I’ll trade in that drama and a night in Spanx for a pair of PJs, thanks.


You’ll save money

You’re a hard working, independent woman who believes that your date doesn’t always need to foot the bill at the end of the night and you can pay your share (unless it was their shout). Either way, you’ll save yourself some much needed mulah, which can then be put towards something else like your rent, or that Mimco bag you’ve been not so secretly eyeing for the past month.


There’s no awkward gift giving or card exchanging

I love receiving presents (who doesn’t?), but somehow there’s always that one gift that has you pulling that face. You know, the one where you’ve received a present that you’re not 100% keen on, but you love your friend and appreciate it anyways. No Valentine = no problem.

Plus you can save those overly sexualised e-cards for your bestie. She’s the only one who truly appreciates your wickedly inappropriate sense of humour anyways.


So go forth my single friends and enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as your non-single gal pals.


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